The technical advantages of leadless LED tape

Issuing time:2020-06-10 00:00

No wire lamp tape, are generally not high voltage 220 v, therefore, with a thick layer of flame retardant glue to copper wire, circuit boards, etc are generally used, no wire lamp with light beads decided to take a life, no wire lamp for electricity safety, must not because the price cheap, choose quality time, enough for a cheap, might for the security hidden danger! Of course also do not rule out to be able to find good quality and cheap, but such an opportunity, not out of thin air.

LED lamp belt wholesale about power consumption, this relates to the problem of electricity charges, many users are very concerned about this problem. The rated power of 3528 lamp bead is 0.06W, while the rated power of 5050 is 0.18w (0.02A*3V*3=0.18W). Because protective resistance will be added in the circuit, the power consumption of the 1m-led leadless light strip is about 4W and that of the 1m-5050LED leadless light strip is about 12W according to 60 light/meter. If dozens of meters are installed, the power consumption difference is still very large. However, led wireless tape is mainly used for lighting slot, and has many decorative features. Therefore, factors such as power consumption and price are taken into consideration. The LED wireless tape is 3528 with 60 lights per meter.

Technical advantages of leadless tape: Leadless technology. Technological advantages: 300 m lead-free and non-splicing substrate production process, no solder joints more stable. Synthetic material advantages: high level through Ⅲ 98% uv protection environmental protection PVC, two layers of pure copper foil substrate, 5000 v breakdown PET edge material. Installation and construction advantages: a variety of optional shear, zero loss, more convenient. Quality advantage: first - class lamp belt inspection test, to ensure that the product is thoroughly tempered, excellent product.

Four flat line of LED lights with LED flat four wire light band for 12 * 24 mm of three groups of independent LED inside, when all three sets of lights on, sparkling brightness and alternating light three sets of lights can realize curve chasing chasing effect or running water, used to decorate brightness demand a higher place or move feeling the effects of the strong, we can customize according to the requirements of normally on, such as color change effect.